5 Valuable Website Tips for Webmasters

Today I am sharing 5 great website tips that helped me manage my websites. Each tip is easy to implement and can be done by any webmaster.

1. Get automated email alerts from Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). This can be a lifesaver! Want to know when your site has problems? Google can actually tell when there are problems like site outage, malware, big traffic drops etc.

Enable automatic email alerts: Log in to GWT and choose preferences from the left menu. Choose the email you want to forward the messages to.

GWT email alerts

 2. What is slowing my site down? 

Webpagetest.org – can find your website’s bottlenecks. Choose location, bandwidth, browser to test with and you get a waterfall diagram and suggestions on how to improve your website.

Webpagetest  has helped me improve my websites performance. It’s easy to use so why not test your website today?

 3. Search Google depersonalized – don’t let Google fool you with a “too good to be true ranking” for your keyword. When you search Google many factors comes into play when you see the results. Things like your previous searches, what pages you have visited, your location etc, all comes into play. So checking rank for the purpose to see how well you perform on your keyword, phrases, you should search “depersonalized”.

To get around personalization you can either search in “incognito mode” or add a parameter to the Google URL. The easiest way I found to quickly search depersonalized  is to add a custom search engine in Google Chrome.

  • In Google Chrome click ”Settings” and scroll down to “Search”
  • Choose “manage search engines”
  • Scroll all the way down and where it says “add search engine” enter “Google De-Personolized” without the ” ” as the name
  • Enter a “GD” without the ” ” as the search command
  • Enter “http://www.google.com/search?q=%s&pws=0″ without the ” ” as URL (you can use a different google if you wish, example google.co.uk)

Google custom search engines

To search depersonalized enter “GD” plus search term in the address field of your browser, now all your searches will show a more accurate result.

4. Use Google alerts to learn when Googles has indexed a new page on your site (or your brand is mentioned). 

This one is quite useful! Set up an alert that will email you when your brand is mentioned. Why not monitor your competitors also? :)

Set the alert query to your brand name. Now you set your alert to be emailed to you “when it happens” and “all results”. This is going to give you most alerts. In case you get too many alerts you can set it to “only the best results” and email  to “once per day”.

5. Use IFTTT.com to automatically Tweet for you

Did you know you can use a free service called IF THIS THEN THAT to automatically tweet for you?

ifttt - google to twitter

How does it work?

First you create an account with IFTTT.com.

Next you create a “recipe” that will monitor a Google alerts feed you create. The alert could be monitoring any query you wish. As soon as a new item in the Google alert feed is detected, IFTTT.com can be set to automatically tweet this for you.

ifttt recipes

IFTTT can do a lot more than Tweet, perhaps you can find even better uses for it!

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